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week 2

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

motivated we started into the second week. the foreign participants started to get used to the climate and the work environment here. the teachers and students like their guests and asked kindly, if we would introduce ourselves in the english classes and to chat with the students for practice. happily the students helped us by carrying the broken desks to our workspace and by bringing the fixed ones back to the classrooms with us. eventually one teacher also climbed a palm tree to serve us an refreshing coconut. ASANTE SANA - thank you very much!

conclusion of the second week:

32 fixed desks

7 chairs

3 tables

6 doors

6 windows.

our new school desks will be produced in a public technical school, directed by the ministry of education. before starting with the production, we decided to adjust our old arrangement with the ministry, so our relationship will be more sustainable. the duration of this process is hard to predict. our friends here in zanzibar help us very much to push our case. hopefully we can build our first desks in the second kazi fresh.

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