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Stefan Rüdlinger


Let actions speak for themselves. This represents my philosophy. Today, as my knowledge of the spoken and written word is even increased, I still appreciate their power. A power which is taken as granted in western civilization. Cool, but we forget all the people in our world not being able to read or write. My family always told me to be grateful about our privilege to live in Switzerland. By this philosophy I developed a lack of interest in the daily struggles. But I never forgot the ones in need. To finish the struggles of our time, (my opinion) we need people who can read and write – education is the key to a positive future. I wanted to invest the time I saved by less complaining in education. As an educated carpenter it was a simple choice to do this, by maintaining school buildings and their interior. With the help of SCI, I spent three months in Zanzibar fixing school desks and teaching English. This way I experienced the precarious situation on site. There is a lot of work to do. I needed more helping hands and money. To handle this project, I founded kila kitu fresh. The establishment of our NGO during the last two years has been an amazing experience. I went a second time to Zanzibar to produce the prototype of our school desk and to organize various important things regarding our actions. Don’t forget, during this inspiring time my English skills in the spoken and the written word increased remarkably. (At least I’m not afraid to send an E-Mail anymore.)

I try to spread as much positivity as possible with the help of kila kitu fresh. In exchange the positivity will hopefully flow through many human beings and will find me again. Accordingly, all of my work is voluntary.

Karma – Investments.


Mwinyi Haji Ahmada


The reality was to grow up, studying in an inconvenience environment many students with few chairs and tables. With this project we can spread awareness of this problem and improve the maintenance of the desks a lot.  


Salum Maulid


I can hardly find seats for all the students. For our and all hearts we can, through love, passion, voluntary work and some donations, achieve this primary goal.


Harith Khamis


Providing better education is a major issue for the future of our children.  Sitting on a desk leads to more attention and therefore to more professional graduated students.


Seif Amir Sultan


I suffered to study, while sitting on the floor with no proper light. Therefore, I like to help repairing of broken desks and electrical installations. It means we invest in quality education.

Catja Leuenberger

Social media

I am currently in my fifth semester at the University of Education FHNW at Brugg-Windisch. As a future teacher, I am very interested in supporting education in other countries. “Education for everyone” is a very important sentence for me. By kila kitu fresh I am able to achieve this goal.

Robert Rüdlinger

Law and contracts

Currently I am studying in my seventh semester at the University of Zurich. I like to use my knowledge, to support our project. The advantages of the Swiss educational system motivated me to be part of the support in Zanzibar Schools. Just like our maxim I can also develop and learn on my own.

Enrico Maurer


"We're not helping, we're learning." - The brilliance of this sentence moves me to stand fully behind this project. Education is the key to a positive, strong future. In Switzerland, pupils would hardly organize big parties to celebrate the fact that the school is about to start again after the summer holidays. But in the aftermath, we all consider it a great fortune that we were able to receive such a great education. The maintenance of the infrastructure in schools in Zanzibar and the production of school desks is a big step for intercultural education worldwide. Since my craftsmanship is quite limited and I have a lot of trouble with hammering in the nails, I am all the more pleased to be responsible for communication and all textual issues as a publisher and author and to be able to contribute this way to this valuable project.

Markus Flükiger


Ich bin überzeugt, dass wenn mehr Menschen von Bildung profitieren, sie diese Bildung auch weitergeben können und somit das Bildungssystem gemeinsam verbessern.