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The Team


Stefan Rüdlinger, 1995


I like looking forward, then I believe in the good in people and that the world is becoming a better place. That’s what I stand for and make an important contribution through kila kitu fresh.

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Mwinyi Haji Ahmada, 1995


The reality was to grow up, studying in an inconvenience environment many students with few chairs and tables. With this project we can spread awareness of this problem and improve the maintenance of the desks a lot.  

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Salum Maulid, 1987


I can hardly find seats for all the students. For our and all hearts we can, through love, passion, voluntary work and some donations, achieve this primary goal.


Harith Khamis, 1991


Providing better education is a major issue for the future of our children.  Sitting on a desk leads to more attention and therefore to more professional graduated students.


Seif Amir Sultan, 1991


I suffered to study, while sitting on the floor with no proper light. Therefore, I like to help repairing of broken desks and electrical installations. It means we invest in quality education.


Catja Leuenberger, 1999

Social media

„Education for all“ This is the reason why I can stand 100% behind kita kilu fresh. Not through the participants and the children, but also I can learn a lot of new things through kita kilu fresh.


Robert Rüdlinger, 1997

Law and contracts

For me, education is a central factor in positive social development. I am glad to be able to participate in their prosperity.


Enrico Maurer, 1997


Learning from each other, gaining new insights and broadening one‘s horizonsat every moment – this iseducation, the nucleus of all inspiration, joie de vivre and positivity! That‘s why I support kila kitu fresh.


Markus Flückiger, 1995


I am convinced that if more people benefit from education, they can pass on this education and thus improve the education system together.