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Recap february kazi fresh

In February, Manola (a participant) and I, Catja (Co-President of kila kitu fresh), participated together in a two-week kazi fresh, where we not only improved our craftsmanship but also immersed ourselves in the fascinating culture.

During kazi fresh, we repaired the classic school desks at Urafiki Primary School. It was great work, especially because the children watched eagerly and were full of enthusiasm.

At Kombeni Secondary School, we worked on individual folding tables and chairs, some made of wood and others of metal. Our creativity was called upon as we assembled various broken pieces to restore the furniture. Additionally, we developed a latch for the cabinets in the chemistry and biology rooms. Collaboration with local team members Mohammed and Yeshi was always excellent. We also worked well with our team member and course leader, Mwinyi, discussing and optimizing many aspects of the course.

With the local Kila Kitu Fresh team, I discussed important topics regarding the organization's development and improved the participants' accommodation.

We repainted the walls of the rooms, installed a new shelf in the bathroom, and organized a basket of games in the living room for future participants. We arranged for a handyman to install new pipes to improve the water pressure in the shower.

Of course, we also enjoyed our leisure time to the fullest. We explored the beautiful nature of Zanzibar by scooter and spent a weekend in Paje, where we watched the many kitesurfers and took some time off.

A perfect conclusion with the entire team was the renowned Sauti za Bussara Music Festival, which takes place every year in the capital, Stone Town. There was lively dancing and much laughter.

Back in Switzerland, President Steff and I met with Manola again to reflect on the course and optimize future courses.

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