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new year in Zanzibar

The new year kicked off for kila kitu fresh in Zanzibar. Our Co-President Steff and our association member Kusi visited the schools where work has already been undertaken and explored new possibilities for the development of the organization.

One of the main focuses during their stay was the organization of a new volunteer house. Steff and Kusi took the time to inspect various locations and ensure that they met the needs and requirements of Kila Kitu Fresh. Additionally, they explored promising plots of land in case the construction of a dedicated volunteer house became a consideration.

A significant emphasis was placed on the schools with which Kila Kitu Fresh has collaborated in the past. The two not only toured the already-supported schools but also engaged with the headmasters of potential new schools. Existing needs were identified and noted. From repairing chairs, benches, roofs, lighting, and floors to the number of newly used desks – a comprehensive list was created to ensure that a suitable school would be found for future participants.

The trip to Zanzibar also provided an opportunity to discuss the future of the organization with the on-site team and define new goals for kila kitu fresh. Through intensive and creative exchanges, visions for the upcoming years were designed to sustainably continue the mission of kila kitu fresh.

A highlight of the journey was the collective exploration of the breathtaking nature of Zanzibar. The team not only enjoyed the picturesque beaches, beautiful greenery, and fantastic rooftop bars but also strengthened team camaraderie through shared activities. The beauty of the island served as inspiration for the ongoing efforts of kila kitu fresh.

In conclusion, it's worth nothing that the team not only dealt with developments on-site but also forged concrete plans for the future. On January 27th, the start of the first Kazi Fresh of the year is already scheduled. Co-President Catja, along with Manola and the team in Zanzibar, will embark on a new challenge. Catja will also focus on optimizing the volunteer house during her two weeks in Zanzibar and discuss upcoming issues in various team meetings.

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