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watoto wanafuraha - happy children

the school in our home village is responsible for 1806 students. in the morning the primary shift is at school. this shift is unfortunately very overcrowded, with 1324 primary and nursery students in 16 classrooms. therefore it was very hard to keep distance, but we tried to keep care of them and eventually they got the chance to learn something. 😁

this school also needed new table boards for the desks, they were completely missing. so we were the first time in a workshop to produce new parts. it is challenging for the swiss participants to use the local machines, we had to take more care and to be more aware of our security.

during this week safi sana especially opened their shop for us, where we could buy our gifts for the supporters (boosters) of our crowdfunding.

we are happy to support the women of zanzibar by buying their handmade products.

conclusion of the second kazi fresh:

31 repaired desks

63 tables

56 chairs

16 doors

2 cardboards

2 water tabs

1 waterspout

2 swings

in the weekend our participants went scuba diving near our village. in stone town we have a dive center, in which fabrice already did his rescue diver permit during the off week between kazi 1 and 2. he showed the other participants the beauty of the indian ocean and the amazing shipwrecks down there.🧜‍♀️

we say thank you very much for your karma investment!

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