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„Education as the key to a positive future.“


Educational courses unite young locals with young Swiss craftsmen. They repair the defective infrastructure of public schools and produce missing furniture. The number of participants, their personal skills and the grade of emergency determine the choice of the school to be newly equipped. The participants are working for three weeks from Monday to Friday...


1. Educational goal
Support of public schools in Zanzibar by producing new school desks and maintaining school infrastructure. - Students shouldn‘t have to sit on the floor in the future.

The team

9 young friends with a vision:

We want to invest in education. We belive education is the key to a positive future. This way space and awareness open up for the changes we need.


2. Educational goal
Offering an inspiring course in which new skills can be acquired as well as existing knowledge will be expanded. - This opens new opportunities for the participants.


As of  Dezember 31. 2020

The business year 2020 has been very successful showing that we were able to repair and construct the incredible number of 376 seats using less than CHF 7000. Thus, thanks to the great trust and the various donations collected, we can continue to push and build up our project.
We are looking forward to a positive future and last but not least to be able to open many doors in 2021.

3. Educational goal
Step over limits while working together. – New friendships are created by extending language skills and getting to know new cultures.


kila kitu fresh is a tax exempt non-profit organisation, therefore you can cut your donation from your taxes.

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„There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education: no education.“
- John F. Kennedy


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